10 Jun 2013

The business of Landscaping with Flora and Fauna

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Landscaping is often assumed to be a fancy way of saying ‘gardening’ but it is so much more than that and thanks to experts in this field with a keen eye for observation, as well as thorough design knowledge, we have beautiful environments all around us reminding us that we aren’t confined to concrete jungles.

Though landscaping involves an aspect of hardscaping, which includes building works and construction such as paving and garden walls, it places a lot of emphasis on the right flora and fauna for the optimal living environment and most effective beautification of a garden space. Using the right living elements one can hone the arts and craft of growing plants to beautify an environment. A perfect example of this is the Green Point Urban Park in Cape Town. This 12.5 hectare park forms part of the Cape Town Atlantic Sea board and has been created as a space for walking, jogging and other outdoor activities which include play parks for kids of all ages.

The most significant aspect of this park however is the flora and fauna of the showcase gardens which are surrounded by lakes which are home to many birds and other wildlife. In order to maintain these awe inspiring gardens the landscapers had to use a complex irrigation system to ensure that the garden orientation was well looked after and maintained. Knowing the climate and soil conditions of Cape Town the landscapers knew exactly what plants would flourish and show off Cape Town’s beauty. As such many of the plant chosen in the park help to raise awareness around some endangered plant species on our continent. There are helpful signs to help identify the different plants and learn more about their origin; this biodiversity park is a brilliant example of the standards of landscapers in our country and is a prime spot to visit to understand everything that goes into this field of work. It will definitely make you realise that landscaping is a lot more than just potting plants and watering gardens.

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