14 Jun 2013

The Cost of Landscaping

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Any project around the house means time and money, but whatever the project you need to consider whether it will help with the property value of your house in the long run and remember that this makes it a worthwhile expense with long term investment.

So when it comes to landscaping costs how do you decide on a budget or ensure that you know the ballpark figure before you hire someone to give you a quote? There are several factors which influence the cost of any landscaping project and you can calculate more or less what you will be spending so that you have, at the very least, a starting point from which to go on.

The following list includes some suggested ideas on how to calculate the cost and lay out a budget from there.

Estimating Landscaping Costs:

Make a point of measuring the size of your garden and taking note of the areas that receive lots of sunlight or shade.

Note down the types of features that you would like to place in the garden (water features, garden paths, a patio or even fencing).

Do some research on the types of plants and other materials that you would like or will need and the amount (a landscaper can always help you     with suggestion regarding what plants will be best suited for the environment that your garden offers).

Location will always form part of the determining cost.

Know what labour is necessary to achieve what you want.

Always keep in mind that all these little investments will be valuable to your property and that there are various types of inexpensive materials that can do the same job as those more costly. Along with this the practise of creativity can also enhance your outdoor space with little to no cost so ensure that you keep this in mind when hiring any landscaper. The best landscapers are those that can do a lot with very little, because they know how to take advantage of the space on a low budget. So be sure to do your research before you get a quote, it’s sure to give you an idea of what you can work with.

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